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DataLoad Scripting

The powerful scripting language PHP is built-in to DataLoad to enable custom loads and new functionality to be built in DataLoad. This may be used to add functionality to Macro, Browser Control and Forms Playback loads, for example adding custom data validation or importing data from external sources, or the load itself may be written as a script, for example to load data directly into a database.

PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages and this is in part because it is easy to use and includes an extensive function library. This makes it the perfect partner for DataLoad because users can easily write very powerful scripts. DataLoad includes a package of "event handlers" that are executed when certain things happen in DataLoad and the PHP script code is added to these event handlers. Thus the DataLoad Scripting is event driven, something which further adds to the power of the scripting functionality but also simplifies script development because the PHP code is inserted in the appropriate events.

In addition to the standard PHP functionality and DataLoad event handlers, DataLoad also includes a library of PHP functions that are used to setup and control DataLoad and access spreadsheet data. This enables PHP to fully integrate with DataLoad and the user, which combines with the native PHP functions and DataLoad events to provide a very powerful and flexible solution.