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Browser Control
Very fast & reliable browser loads
Perfect for Oracle Self Service
Loads are recorded while you work
Uses standard Internet Explorer so no Oracle certification issues
No setup or configuration required
Standard in DataLoad Professional

Browser Control

DataLoad Browser Control integrates with Internet Explorer to create the perfect solution for loading in to browser forms, such as Oracle E-Business Suite Self Service. Loads are created and recorded while you work in IE and the subsequent loading is extremely fast and reliable. The normal Internet Explorer browser is used, rather than a custom DataLoad browser, so the solution remains certified and supported by Oracle, and because DataLoad integrates with all IE windows Browser Control will seamless work with pop-up windows as they open.

Browser Control makes Macro loads fast and reliable in browsers. Loading data into browser forms is traditionally harder than for other applications because the application performance is more variable and there are usually fewer navigation keystroke shortcuts available. Browser Control seamlessly integrates DataLoad with Internet Explorer to overcome these problems.

Browser Control enables DataLoad to "talk" to the browser and directly inject data in fields. Similarly, DataLoad will make the browser "click" buttons, links and fields such as radio buttons and check boxes. Because DataLoad is integrated with the browser the data and clicks will not be sent faster than they can be processed by the browser. This means the browser is driven as hard as possible, resulting in fast loads, but without data being sent before the browser is ready, thus the loads are reliable and accurate.

Best of all is that Macro loads will use Browser Control without any further configuration or setup. DataLoad automatically detects that Internet Explorer is the target and integrates with the browser to deliver high performance loads. If the load also uses windows other than IE then DataLoad will automatically turn Browser Control on and off as the load switches between IE and other windows. All other DataLoad functionality, such as database extracts and loads and data validation, may also be used with Browser Control because Browser Control is part of the core, integrated DataLoad solution.

With Browser Control normally sluggish Self Service loads can run surprisingly quickly but without sacrificing accuracy. The ability to directly inject data in to browser fields means fewer navigation commands are required in the DataLoad spreadsheets, thus simplifying the loads. A "pure" Browser Control load, where all data is injected in to the browser, will not need any navigation commands or keystrokes included in the spreadsheet and the user may even work in other applications while the load runs.

With an ever increasing number of applications and forms being ported to the Self Service approach Browser Control is an important part of DataLoad's suite of loading tools.