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DataLoad is an alternative to conventional database interfaces
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Loading Data into Oracle E-Business Suite

Virtually every Oracle E-Business Suite system will have legacy or interface data loaded into it at some stage, either during a data migration when the system goes live or on a regular basis after go-live. There are often also ad hoc requirements to load, amend or delete data. Oracle only provides open interfaces or APIs for certain data areas, however even where these are provided a large amount of development time is usually required to build and test an interface. Where no open interface or API exists the development may be considerably more complex and the data loaded won't be supported by Oracle Corp.

DataLoad provides a toolkit of loading options that delivers a realistic alternative. Data can be loaded through the forms thus ensuring that all usual E-Business Suite validation and processing is applied to the data. Since the loaded data is indistinguishable from that loaded by users Oracle Support have even recommended DataLoad on Metalink - see Note ID 147380.1. For small or simple loads the Macro functionality is ideal, however the Browser Control and Forms Playback technologies in DataLoad Professional enable any size or complexity of load to be quickly built and loaded.

Building a forms playback load is simple. Enter a record into Oracle E-Business Suite and the code to load such data is recorded. Open the recorded file in DataLoad Professional and the interface has now been built! The user can now concentrate on the important tasks of preparing and cleansing the data to be loaded. DataLoad's validation and scripting functionality can help with that. When the data is ready the load is run by the Oracle Forms software, ensuring the fastest possible load. In tests, data loaded using DataLoad Professional has been found to load almost as fast as conventional SQL interfaces, however the time, and hence cost, required to build the interface is a fraction of that previously required. Once familiar with DataLoad Professional, a user can build and test any interface into Oracle E-Business Suite in less than a day and the interface can be used to delete or update data as well as for data entry.

Loading data via the application forms has many advantages but is not always appropriate. The data volume or complexity may be more than the forms can handle or there may be complex requirements for data processing or transformation. To complete the options available for loading data, DataLoad also includes powerful scripting functionality that allows spreadsheet data to be loaded directly in to a database. The full range of database and SQL functionality is available and combined with the power of the PHP scripting language this means any interface or data migration requirements may be built in DataLoad. Where high data volumes must be loaded or performance maximised the DataLoad Scripting approach provides the perfect solution.