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Load Control
Maximise Macro load speed
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Supports all applications, incl Java
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Standard in DataLoad Pro, V5.2+

Load Control

By default the progress of DataLoad's Macro loads is controlled by fixed time delays, that is data, keystrokes and mouse clicks are sent at pre-defined intervals and further delays may be specified where required. This works well, however to create reliable loads the load speed must always be set conservatively and this means the target application will always be waiting on DataLoad. Furthermore, DataLoad cannot dynamically adapt to changes in the performance of the target application and that means data can be sent to the wrong fields.

Load Control enables DataLoad to monitor the target application. In this mode DataLoad knows when the target application is ready to receive the next DataLoad cell and sends the data as soon as the application is ready. This also means DataLoad does not send data until the target application has finished processing the previous cell.

DataLoad continually monitors the status & readiness of the target application and dynamically adjusts the load speed accordingly. This integration means timed delays are not normally required and the loads run as fast as possible but without overrunning the target application. Thus Load Control maximises performance and improves reliability, two things that can be contradictory when loading through forms. Best of all, no setup or configuration is required to use Load Control. A normal Macro load will use Load Control when it is enabled by ticking a single check box in DataLoad.