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Replicating Setup
Application setup is a laborious task, often required multiple times
Use DataLoad to perform setup once and play back multiple times

Replicating Setup Between Instances

Whether Oracle E-Business Suite is being newly implemented or just a new module or feature added to an existing system, setup and configuration must often be re-entered in different instances. This is a time consuming and laborious task often required at a stage in the project when time is most precious. DataLoad can be used to re-apply configuration across multiple instances, not only saving time but also helping to reduce the possibility of any mistakes in the setup.

DataLoad Professional not only enables a faster entry of setup than is possible with DataLoad Classic, but the template spreadsheet can be recorded as one instance is being setup. Apart from saving the time of building a DataLoad spreadsheet this also ensures the spreadsheet contains the exact setup applied to one instance, which in turn can be applied to the target instance. The appropriate use of the load technologies available in DataLoad will ensure configuration and data can be quickly and easily applied to different instances, with the added security of knowing the setup has been correctly applied. As such, DataLoad can play an important role in helping the change control process, as proven by the comments of one consultant using DataLoad for this purpose at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

"As an independent Oracle Applications consultant, I'm currently engaged on an 11i upgrade project at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I've introduced DataLoad as a tool for exercising configuration management control over the setups for upgrade test instances. We're keeping the setup data files for new 11i functionality in a centralized CM location and issuing new revisions as we learn more about life on the "bleeding edge". I learned about DataLoad while working in Oracle Consulting, but using DataLoad as a tool for applying Configuration Management techniques to Apps setup data is something I came up with specifically for JPL."