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Oracle Forms Playback - Testing a Load

Having configured Oracle to record and playback files, loading data through forms playback can be tested. The forms load file must be recorded according to the instructions in the sections called Create a Load - 1 , Create a Load 2 and The Rules. If it is not the file may not be usable in DataLoad. Having edited this file, the first test playback should involve a limited number of records.

The playback should work perfectly if the file was recorded properly. If the playback with limited numbers of records works then try the load with more data to ensure the load still works with larger volumes. The load should work correctly and will not require any further changes. If changes are required then the load must be re-recorded but with care it does not take many recordings to produce a perfect load. If you do have to re-record a load you may be able to make improvements to the load as well as fixing any problems. Since large volumes of data are often to be loaded it is important that the navigation and entry of data in the forms is as efficient as possible. Replaying your load will often identify where the slower sections are and these sections can often be improved in a new recording.

If your load does not work as expected the FAQ page should be checked because that details the most commonly encountered issues and how they can be resolved.

Java Console

Where a load does not work or may not even start the Java Console should be enabled. The setup form for the Java Console will be on the 'Programs' menu on your PC and "Show Java Console" should be enabled. The startup and activities of the Java client software are written to the console and errors can often be more easily identified and therefore resolved through use of the console.