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Oracle Forms Record and Play - Overview

Here is an overview of the steps you need to perform to use Record and Playback:

  1. Perform the Forms Playback setup. (One-off activity)
  2. Record a load, following the instructions & "rules" in this User Guide. It is easiest to record a load by configuring an Oracle user for recording and the load will be automatically recorded whenever you logon as that user.
  3. Copy the load file you have just recorded from the server to your PC. Take a copy of the file at this stage so you have a copy of your original recording.
  4. Open the file in DataLoad. Make sure you make the correct selections in the Header Value Selection form. More...
  5. DataLoad will display the data you recorded in Step 2. Replace and add to that data.
  6. Save your changes and copy the file back to the server. Ensure the file is named and located as detailed in your setup (Step 1).
  7. Start the playback. Logon using the user you have configured for playback; select a Responsibility and Form and the load will start automatically.