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DataLoad Macro Automation

DataLoad Macros will control and load data into any application with a front end running on a Windows PC. This includes all popular ERP and CRM software, for example Oracle Cloud Applications, Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, Peoplesoft, Dynamics and Sage. DataLoad operates at a low level within Windows to mimic a user's data entry, keystrokes and mouse clicks. This means that the target application can't distinguish between DataLoad and a real user. While Macros are not as fast as Forms Playback and Scripted loads, they can be used in any application and do not require technical skills to create. Furthermore, Load Control can be used to maximise Macro performance and if data is being loaded in to a browser based application, e.g. Oracle E-Business Suite's Self Service forms, then Browser Control can be used to significantly improve the speed and reliability of the loads.

This section contains the documentation for loading data in to target applications with DataLoad Macros.