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Oracle Forms Record and Play - Background

Oracle E-Business Suite can record all your actions in a forms session to a script, which can then be replayed at a later date. By using DataLoad to edit the script, Oracle E-Business Suite will replay your data and make your changes or data loads for you.

Before this functionality can be used Oracle E-Business Suite must be enabled to run in record and playback modes. This step may require the involvement of your DBA and is fully described on the Setup page.

Before recording an Oracle E-Business Suite session you should plan exactly what you are going to do. Since your recording will be replayed many times over any mistakes you make will also be replicated for each row of playback later. Furthermore, there are certain rules you must follow to ensure DataLoad can know which actions you will wish to repeat multiple times. This is documented in the section called "Create a Load".

Once your load is built it must be tested. This involves copying the file produced by DataLoad to the application server and starting Oracle E-Business Suite in playback mode. This is documented in Running the Load.