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DataLoad User Guide
This guide contains comprehensive information about using DataLoad. If your questions still aren't answered having read the guide please click on the 'Problems' tab to find out about further support options.

DataLoad User Guide

DataLoad is powerful tool used by non-technical and technical users alike to load data and configuration in to ERP, CRM and operational systems such as Oracle E-Business Suite. These help pages are the primary source of information about DataLoad and how to use it. Follow the section links above and the menu links on the left to find more information about using DataLoad.

DataLoad V5 Quick Start

DataLoad V5 is the most significant and wide ranging update to DataLoad yet produced. There are a large number of new features and links to some of the most significant additions are included below. Full details of the new features in Version 5 are on the DataLoad web site.

Load Control - Improves performance & reliability for Macro loads in all applications
Browser Control - Enables fast and reliable loads in browser based applications
Scripting - Powerful scripting language enables new functionality to be included in loads, including loading data direct to databases
Data Validation - Built-in validation to ensure column data meets pre-defined rules, such as the data type and uniqueness
Header & Footer Grids - New Header and Footer grids enable one-off Macro load activities at the start and end of loads
Macro Recorder- Records and encodes keystrokes and mouse clicks, making it easier to create new Macro loads