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About DataLoad

DataLoad will load data into any application and contains extra functionality for loading data and setup into business applications such as Oracle's E-Business Suite and Cloud Applications (Fusion), SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. A number of loading technologies are provided and the most appropriate approach can be chosen for the target application. DataLoad will load data via an application's forms, which may be browser based Self Service forms or core/professional forms, or data can be loaded directly in to a database.

DataLoad's Macro, Browser Control and Forms Playback technologies are used to load data through the forms. This means the data is indistinguishable from that entered by users. To load data using this approach you setup DataLoad to load into the forms and the forms load the data into your system. This non-technical approach means the load can be built and run by non-technical users and by not having to write conventional interfaces into the database a huge amount of time and money can be saved.

Loading data via forms is very useful because an automated load can be built wherever a form exists in an application. However, sometimes data must be loaded directly in to a database, for example where very high volumes of data are being loaded. DataLoad Scripting can be used to load data in to all popular databases and additional libraries are provided to assist with loading in to Oracle databases.

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