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Why Load Data Through Forms?

If you want to load data into an application there are usually two options. Either enter the data through the forms or directly into the database which is 'behind' the forms. This means you either employ someone to enter data into the forms or write an interface to load data into the database. Entering data into a form is straightforward and you are using the method intended for entering data into the database - the forms. However, manually loading large volumes of data through forms is time consuming and error prone. For this reason data is often loaded straight into the database, but this can involve a large amount of technical work to build a load into the database's tables.

DataLoad provides a solution to this problem. It loads the data into the forms for you. The data is loaded into the database using the method intended by the applications' vendor - the forms - yet the data is loaded much faster and more reliably than can be done manually. Being a non-technical product anyone can build a load into any form(s) in any application1. Loads can also be built and tested much faster than is possible with conventional database interfaces. Therefore, loads built with DataLoad cost a fraction of conventional database interfaces, are ready to use in much less time than is possible with technical solutions and can be built and run by anyone, not just developers.

DataLoad provides two ways of loading data into applications' forms.

Macro Loads - Load data into any application. Combine with Browser Control or Load Control for the fastest and most reliable loads

Forms Playback - A very fast method for loading data into the Oracle E-Business Suite core forms

1 - DataLoad can be used to load data into any application that is accessible from Windows. It has been used to load data into major ERP & CRM systems such as Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards, and other applications built using a variety of technologies. We haven't yet found an application that DataLoad can't load data into.