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Database Loads

Sometimes data must be loaded, amended or deleted directly in the database and DataLoad Scripting enables users to do this within the familiar DataLoad interface. DataLoad Scripting adds significant power by integrating the PHP scripting language into DataLoad. One of the most useful ways to use DataLoad Scripting is to load data directly in to databases and PHP supports all popular database platforms. Furthermore, DataLoad comes pre-configured to load data in to Oracle databases and includes libraries to simplify using Oracle.

PHP as shipped with DataLoad is configured so that the PHP OCI8 library is ready for use with Oracle databases. Furthermore, included with DataLoad is a custom class that is a wrapper around the OCI8 library and provides a simplified interface to the script writer, thus enabling scripts to be developed more quickly. Oracle's Instant Client libraries are also shipped to ensure users can quickly connect to Oracle databases without having to setup Oracle client software and tnsnames.ora files, etc. Thus DataLoad comes ready to connect to Oracle and this packaged approach avoids many of the common technical issues. Example database loads are also shipped with DataLoad to demonstrate this functionality.

Connecting to and using Oracle databases is only part of the DataLoad solution. A large library of PHP functions has been developed to enable the script writer to configure how DataLoad behaves and to access data within the spreadsheets. The DataLoad user can be shown messages and prompted for information such as database connection details. This enables a complete, custom data loading solution to be built which may then be used by non-technical end users.