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Our aim is to produce the best data loading solution for Oracle E-Business Suite and other business systems backed up by excellent customer service. But don't take our word for this, read what our customers say about DataLoad:

User Comments

Thanks for providing a great program. It is a real time saver!

California State Assembly, USA.

Just thought you should know how useful this product can be for your clients: We have a fixed asset department that annually goes crazy (in December) processing tens of thousands of manual transactions in anticipation of year end and closing the tax books. With Dataload, this department worked zero overtime in December and the stress level was reduced considerably. Being their IT guy for Dataload, I have become immensely popular with this group!

Carlson, USA.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with the tool and the support.

Co-operators Life Insurance Company,

It worked fine!!!!!

I really appreciate your huge help!!!!

You are great!!!!

I downloaded the last version and I am happy!!


Forum user

Awesome !! Thank you for all the help. Your response and turn around on all this has been GREAT !!!

Mortenson Construction, USA.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your amazingly quick response – I would have been happy to hear from someone by week’s end, I was blown away with a response in the same hour!

Issue: You are correct – I had (I thought) just downloaded a recent one but had V5.1, but you were right, once I grabbed v5.3, the error is not present.

Wow you guys are good!!! Never doubted it for a moment, but you just raised your own bar!!


Ingersoll Rand Climate Control Technologies,
Minnesota, USA.

I have to say, you guys are the best Support group I have ever worked with!!

US Steel, USA.

I have used your product DataLoad Classic & Professional in various Oracle implementations and I absolutely love your product and highly recommend it to my clients. Hilsy Strickland, USA.
Thank you for you prompt response and flexibility. This is great customer service!

Devereux Foundation, USA.

I appreciate your support and love the software

Zynga Game Network, USA.

We initially purchased DL Pro to help with some migration tasks during an Oracle E-Business Suite R12 implementation. These included the creation of about 3000 users, 200 custom responsibilities and responsibility assignment. Not only were we able to perform these loads with extreme accuracy and speed, we also ended up using DL to do a LOT more! In fact, over the course of the implementation, we loaded hundreds of thousands of records into Inventory, Asset Management, Finance, HR and other modules.

Although our initial purchase was based on loading data into R12 modules, we were able to extend its use to certain custom-built legacy apps with NO provision for bulk loading. The flexible loading options (forms, macro loads with custom delays, user prompts, etc.) combined with the simple interface make DL a uniquely powerful Data Conversion tool.

We are extremely pleased with the value delivered by this exceptional product and the support provided by Jonathan and the DL team. I am looking forward to the additional functionality offered by V5 and have already planned to use the Browser Control feature for upcoming conversion projects!

Star Solutions Group, Canada.

In the early days of my present occupation, namely Oracle ERP Consultant, I was introduced to the DataLoad utility. I can’t remember who introduced me to the tool but I owe them a big thank you. I have subsequently used it on every single implementation I have been involved in for the past 3 years and am sure I will continue to make use of it in the future. I was able to learn DataLoad incredibly quickly as it is very easy to use. In a former life I was a BaaN consultant, I only wish I had been introduced to this product then as DataLoad can work on any application that accepts inputs from a keyboard or mouse. DataLoad comes in two versions, namely Classic and Professional. Up until now I’ve managed to get by using the Classic version which is free but on my most recent implementation we had some fairly heavy duty data loads to perform and so decided to buy Professional.

Richard Byrom,
Independent Consultant,

The data loader has been an excellent tool to expedite the loading of data into the application [Oracle E-Business Suite].

Barrick Goldstrike Mines, USA.

My Client (thanks to you) is able to update some 8 years of receipts data, in a matter of hours.

RNR Solutions Pty, Australia.

The DataLoad program has been GREAT to work with and has saved up many hours loading data into Oracle.

Worthington Steel, USA.

A user describes using DataLoad Professional to create 9500 assets in 4 hours:

DataLoad Professional was used for the retirement of existing assets that were created erroneously as one unit but with multiple locations. These assets then had to be re-created having one unit at each of the locations that existed previously. In total there were about fifteen hundred assets to retire from which nine and a half thousand new assets were created.

The asset creation process took only four hours with the Oracle Forms hanging on only one occasion [an Oracle issue, not DataLoad]. This was after four and a half thousand records had been loaded. The other five thousand records were loaded without a hitch.

Homebase, UK.

I used DataLoad Professional to convert approximately 2,000 employees. I loaded PEOPLE/ADDRESS/TAXES/PAY PROPOSAL/PERSONAL PAYMENT METHOD/BEE BATCHES etc. I had never used DataLoad before and was able to develop over 75 scripts to accomplish our conversion to Production. I have continued to use DataLoad to 'fix' things as they come up. I have found DataLoad to be very functional and user friendly. I am starting Stage II of our implementation, Financials, AP, Inventory, Self Service. DataLoad will again play a large part.

I also appreciated the hot line support. You were very prompt to respond to e-mails and help me resolve problems.

Lafayette General Medical Center, USA.

I have now tried forms playback [DataLoad Professional]. It works fine! Loaded 10000 Value Set values and 1000 Users without any problem.

SAS, Sweden.

Many thanks for the excellent support

McKesson, UK.

Posted on a Metalink forum:

I suggest that you have a look at DataLoad which provides automated cut and paste. It can be a little temperamental and needs watching, but it works. They also have a professional version which is relatively cheap which uses forms playback, much faster and more reliable.

Syntegra, UK.

Thanks again for your great product [referring to DL Professional]

Teleglobe Ltd, Canada.

Dataload [Professional] turned out to be brilliant at loading on all the take-on stuff.

Direct Line & Green Flag, UK.

I have successfully used Forms Playback and it fantastic, thank you for the tip.

Sun Microsystems, Australia.

Thank you for all your help. The program has been a huge help to our organization and saved us hours of data loading. We will be sure to keep you in mind for other organization referrals.

New York State Insurance Fund, USA.

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. I have been using Dataload for MFG/PRO data loading for about 6 months now and it is a tremendous time saver. I am really enjoying the ease of loading new data into our system.

Eaton Aerospace.

Thanks so much. This new version of DataLoad Professional is wonderful!

Dooney & Bourke, USA.

Thank you very much!!
It worked fine!
I'm very satisfied with the performance:
Now a load takes 1/10 of dataloader copy paste version, with 100% accuracy on 1077 records.

Bearing Point, Argentina.

Congratulations on a great product.

Rural Ambulance Victoria, Australia.

Thanks for the good service!!!!

Dimension Data, South Africa.

Thanks again for your help. DL[Professional] has saved our project a lot of time & money, I have recommended it to everyone.

Deloitte Consulting, USA.

Your quick response has been fantastic. I have downloaded v4.3 and have tested my requirement as you have suggested. It works brilliantly. Thank you so much, as we go-live in another week, so this helps tremendously.

I should say that we have been very impressed with the record and playback feature, even though consultants that we have were very experienced with the copy and paste and were very dubious about the record and playback version. So far everyone who has seen it has been very impressed. 'Unfortunately' this means that I am now creating DataLoads for everyone, but it is sure helping the project along with what would otherwise be manual tasks.

Thank you again for the fabulous support

Bartter Enterprises, Australia.

Just to let you know the new version [V4.3] worked fine, 12 minutes in Professional compared to 80 in Classic.


Government Dept, UK.

Just thought you'd like some good feedback. Dataload Professional - superb software - it's reduced the Dataload time by nearly 90% on my test file.

We have about 10 files to load during the go-live weekend, so this will make life much easier and reduce the go-live set up time significantly.

I will recommend it to other customers in the future - it's definitely worth upgrading from Classic to Professional.

Government Dept, UK.

Keep up the great work, your "DataLoad" is a terrific tool.


What can I say... it's beautiful...! It took me less than 5 mins to load 350 accounts in GL.... Perfect.! Thank you very much... I'm going to give it some more tests and after this beta version becomes official release I buy it immediately. [Having tested a Forms Playback load in a beta version of DataLoad V4.2.3]

Nextwave Telecom.

I really appreciate the new function Oracle Apps Export Target. It is amazing.

Téléglobe, Canada.

Just want to thank you for these excellent loaders. It REALLY makes a difference with implementations, and loading information!

Dimension Data.

You cannot help the Oracle Apps. implementations better than this.  Great job. 

August 2001

What a great tool you "guys" have created. Congratulations.

Santos Ltd.

DataLoad is a great program.  Definitely a time-saver and a great improvement over the Excel macro.


DataLoad has saved me a lot of heartache, thanks


Thanks! I love DataLoad. It has made my life 10 times easier!!


Thanks a lot for this great tool. We are using DataLoad in Fixed Assets whenever we have to do a massive retirements action. Again thanks a lot for this cool tool.


Everyone who stops by my office does a double-take when they see a DataLoad job running. I tell them it's my player piano. Thanks again for the wonderful tool.

The Jackson Laboratory.

Your DataLoad tool and supporting web site keep getting better and better. Excellent work!


I'm very thankful for this tool. Very cool utility.


DataLoad is an absolute godsend!......Well done on the new version also - a vast and welcome improvement on the original excel macro.
Excellent tool for combating GUI's lack of "Cut & paste"

Kvaerner E&C, UK.

I have found DataLoad to be a very useful product. My main problems have centred around getting the first item of data to upload and also getting buttons and tick boxes to work correctly. Overall the benefits have far outweighed the problems.


I find DataLoad a great time saver 


We recently used DataLoad and it is WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for posting this out on the net. We almost gave up because we didn't understand what we needed to do to get it working.

AGP Processing.

I have used this a lot with 11.0, and it has been a great time saver.


This could be a real live saver!!


As an independent Oracle Applications consultant, I'm currently engaged on an 11i upgrade project at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. I've introduced DataLoad as a tool for exercising configuration management control over the setups for upgrade test instances.

We're keeping the setup data files for new 11i functionality in a centralized CM location and issuing new revisions as we learn more about life on the "bleeding edge".

I learned about DataLoad while working in Oracle Consulting, but using DataLoad as a tool for applying Configuration Management techniques to apps setup data is something I came up with specifically for JPL.

Great tool! Keep up the good work!

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, USA.

I've tried the new commands.dat file in a simple R11i test and it works fine.
Keep up the good work!


It's a great tool and I have used it at several clients in the past.


I thought you might enjoy some feedback. The company I work for, Imation Corp., is currently upgrading to Oracle 11i from 10.7 NCA. Through our initial testing, I have successfully used the DataLoad program in several 11i forms. Thanks for the program it has been very useful.

Imation Corp.

I am real impressed with your product. The simplicity of it is impressive.

Insight Inc.

Thanks for all the past efforts - DataLoad is a great tool.

Broadcom Corporation.

I have been using the DataLoad tool for the past 2+ years with terrific success.  I have used the tool in Rel 10.7 SC, R11.03, and most recently in R11i.


It takes some getting used to, but overall it's a nice little tool.

Grant Thornton.

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for version 4.1 of DataLoad. I've been busy with other projects for the last couple of months and finally got a chance to try out the latest version of DataLoad.

You have made lots of improvements from the previous version. I especially like the Enter and Execute Query commands, as well as the whole Edit Commands option. I see lots of enhancements that I really like. Thank you so much for providing such a useful tool. It has saved us hundreds of hours of work in the past and will only continue to do so in the future.

Donaldson Company.

Thank you for your rapid and helpful reply. I appreciate it. All Helpdesks should be so prompt and accurate.