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Use delays to control load speed
Without delays macros can run too fast for the target application

Timing & Delays

DataLoad can send data and keystrokes to target applications faster than they can be processed. Whether this happens is dependent on the speed of the target application, which is in turn dependent on what that application is and what hardware is used, etc. DataLoad Delays are used to prevent DataLoad from overrunning the target application, which would undoubtedly result in errors and unpredictable behaviour.

There are two types of delay. The first is the generic delay that applies to the whole load while the second imposes a delay at a specific point in the load. Almost all loads will use generic delays, although the defaults provided with DataLoad often suffice, while cell delays will sometimes also be required. More details about these delays can be found via the following links.

Generic DataLoad delays
Cell delays using the *SLn command