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Auto Start causes a load to start when DataLoad is started

Auto Start

Sometimes it is useful to have a load start as soon as DataLoad is started. This may be required for loads that are run regularly or for loads that are scheduled to run at a certain time. The '-AUTO' parameter can be used on the DataLoad command line to cause DataLoad to start loading data immediately. For example:-

dataload.exe -AUTO c:\program files\dataload\spreadsheets\printers.dld

The command above will start DataLoad and the file 'printers.dld' will be opened. Furthermore, as soon as DataLoad has started it will load all records in the '.dld' file into the Window Name saved in the load. Once the load is complete DataLoad will shutdown. Note that if the '-AUTO' parameter is used then it must be before the file name on the command line.

In DataLoad Classic the DataLoad windows are displayed during the load but there are not shown in DataLoad Professional.

Hint The -AUTO parameter can be used to automatically run a load and this load could be scheduled to run on your PC at a given time each day. If a load into a browser is to be run in this way Browser Control should be used to ensure the load runs reliably and does not continue if an error occurs.