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Setting Spreadsheet Titles

The first row of each spreadsheet is a grey title row. When DataLoad is started or a new load created each spreadsheet's title row is blank. The column titles can be edited through a window that is opened from the Edit->Column Titles menu entry, by clicking the right mouse button and selecting Titles->Edit, or by double clicking on the title row itself. When a Forms Playback file is first opened DataLoad attempts to insert meaningful titles based on the information in the recorded files. With Macro loads titles are automatically added to blank columns when data is entered in the first row.

Titles provide a useful reference to indicate what data should be entered in each column. Furthermore, in Macro loads they enable DataLoad to automatically insert commands into the spreadsheet. In this scenario, columns that have a command for a title will have that command automatically inserted into blank column cells, thus saving typing effort. This facility is only of use if data and commands are structured such that each row is identical.

This functionality can be disabled in the Options form if required.