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Introduction to DataLoad

DataLoad enables users to control and manipulate other applications. It is most often used to load data into these applications and in to Oracle E-Business Suite in particular. Although DataLoad is aimed at Oracle E-Business Suite, it can be used with any program running in the Windows environment, including Java based software and those running within thin client environments, e.g. Citrix.

Implementing ERP and CRM systems, such as Oracle E-Business Suite & SAP, requires master and transaction data and setup information to be loaded before the system goes live. Furthermore, there are usually regular or ad hoc requirements to load or amend data in the system once it has gone live. Oracle provides open interfaces and APIs that allow data to be interfaced in to the database, however these are not available in many areas and skilled technical work is required to use them.  DataLoad enables non-technical end users to create and use loads in almost any area of an application.

DataLoad includes a number of options for loading data through an application's forms. Because the data is entered through the forms these loads can be setup by non-technical end users and no programming or technical database knowledge is required. Furthermore, when data is entered through the forms there should be no support implications because the data is validated by the application in the normal way, i.e. as if it had been entered by a user. The Macro, Browser Control and Forms Playback functionality is used to load data through forms.

DataLoad also provides a powerful built-in scripting language using PHP. This is mainly used to build loads that insert data directly in to databases, typically using the APIs and interfaces provided by Oracle and other system vendors. However, it may also be used to add custom functionality to DataLoad, such as custom data validation or importing data in to DataLoad from external sources.