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Manipulating Columns and Rows

Whole columns and rows can be selected, cleared, inserted, deleted and auto sized. All such functions work on the columns or rows in the current selection. Therefore, if a single cell is selected only that column or row would be impacted, but if an entire row is selected for a column function then all the columns in the grid will be impacted. All these functions are accessible from the main Edit menu and the spreadsheet's popup menu, which is accessible by clicking the right mouse button while over the spreadsheet.

Columns may also be selected by clicking on the column's title row cell and manually re-sized by dragging the border between each column in the title row or automatically re-sized by double clicking on that border. That automatic re-sizing will fit the column to the width of the longest text its cells contain. Columns can also be re-sized to the widest cell in a selection, as opposed to the widest cell in the entire column. This functionality is available from the menus.