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Please read and apply the relevant section on this page before using forms playback.
This page is regularly updated, please check the web site version for latest changes.

Oracle Forms Playback Setup

Oracle Applications 10.7/11.0.x

For Oracle Forms 4.5, the setup required is effectively the same whether the system is NCA or SmartClient . To enable Forms 4.5 recording the following parameter must be added to the Forms command line:


An example of a possible parameter on Windows NT is


or, on UNIX this may be:


For NCA, a new HTM file must be created for recording and another for playback. The HTM file should edited and the following line found:

<PARAM name=serverArgs" value="module=... userid=... fndnam=apps">

The record parameter should then be added to the end of this line, between the "fndnam=apps" parameter and the closing double quote. For instance:

<PARAM name=serverArgs" value="module=... userid=... fndnam=apps record=c:\temp\record.fld">

To get Oracle Forms to replay your forms playback file another HTM file must be created. To this you add a parameter in the same way as before but it is called "play", as in the following example:

<PARAM name=serverArgs" value="module=... userid=... fndnam=apps play=c:\temp\record.fld">

NCA users will require different URLs to access the different HTM files, whereas Smart Client users should add these parameters to their end of their F45RUN32.exe command line(s).