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Please read and apply the relevant section on this page before using forms playback.
This page is regularly updated, please check the web site version for latest changes.

Oracle Forms Playback Setup

Oracle E-Business 11.5.1 to 11.5.8 with Oracle Forms prior to

The ICX: Forms launcher profile option will already contain an entry similar to one of the following at Site level on your system:-

http://host.domain:port/dev60cgi/f60cgi (UNIX application servers)
http://host.domain:port/dev60cgi/ifcgi60.exe (Windows application servers, note the difference after the final "/")

If you are setting up recording or playback for a particular user then copy this value from Site level to User level of this profile option. Now edit the profile option to turn on either recording or playback.

To record a Forms Playback file the following should be added to the end of the user's profile option value:


where [filename] is replaced with the full directory path and file name where you want to record to.

For example, to record to '/tmp/record.fld' on your UNIX server change the value to be as follows:-


If your application server is on Windows and you want to record to 'c:\temp\record.fld' then change the value to be as follows:


Hint On Windows a double backslash must be used for the backslash character in the directory path.

To playback a file add the following to the end of the profile value:


Again, [filename] must be replaced by the file names and full directory paths of the files to record the log to and playback from.

For example, on UNIX (beginning of value removed for clarity):


On Windows your entry would look similar to the following (beginning of value removed for clarity):


In both these examples you would playback from play.fld and the playback session would be recorded to reclog.fld.

Hint The order of the parameters in the playback profile value is critical, i.e."record=" must be used and it must appear before "play=". Furthermore, these two parameters must be separated by "%20" and nothing else.

Hint The record= and play= file names in the playback profile option must be different otherwise the playback file is overwritten with the log file when the load starts and the load immediately stops.

Hint In the playback examples above the 'record=' parameter is still used. This is essential for playback to work without having to change some of the server based setup files. However, it also has two other benefits. First, a log of what was loaded will be recorded and that can be validated by opening the recorded file in DataLoad after the load. Second, the Oracle Forms have been found to be more reliable and stable during playback if they record at the same time as playing a session back.