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DataLoad Screen Cams

We have created a collection of screen cams to demonstrate how DataLoad loads data and to provide tutorials showing how to use DataLoad. Click the play icon for the screen cam you wish to view and new a window will appear containing this screen cam. All screen cams require Adobe Flash, which is already installed on most PCs.

Loading Segment Values with Forms Playback

Loading Segment Values is a very common requirement in Oracle E-Business Suite. This screen cam shows how DataLoad Professional's Forms Playback removes the problem of loading this data by loading 200 segment values in less than 90 seconds. Only Forms Playback can load forms data that quickly.

Loading User Records with Forms Playback

This load inserts 250 new users through the Define Users form in Oracle E-Business Suite System Administrator. The data is loaded in just 70 seconds, meaning that DataLoad loaded more than 3 Users every second. Watch this screen cam to see how fast Oracle Forms can be made to work using Forms Playback.

How to Create a R12 Suppliers Load

The Suppliers forms in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 have been moved to Self Service. DataLoad Professional's Browser Control delivers fast and reliable browser loads and this screen cam shows how to build a Suppliers load using Browser Control. NB - Contains audio so speakers highly recommended.

Loading Responsibilities with Forms Playback

Having added new Oracle E-Business Suite Users in the load above, this load adds Responsibilities to 125 of those Users. This involves querying back each User and adding Responsibilities. Although this load is more complex than loading data, because records must first be queried, the load still added Responsibilities to almost 2 User records per second.