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Previous Versions

Previous Versions of DataLoad

Previous versions of DataLoad & DataLoad Scripting can be downloaded using the links below. Old versions are no longer supported and wherever possible users should use the latest version of DataLoad.

DataLoad V5.5.0.0
DataLoad V5.4.1.0
DataLoad V5.4.0.1
DataLoad V5.4.0.0
DataLoad V5.3.0.0
DataLoad V5.2.1.0
DataLoad V5.2.0.0
DataLoad V5.1.0.0
DataLoad V5.0.0.0
DataLoad V4.3.9.0
DataLoad V4.3.8.0
DataLoad V4.3.7.0
DataLoad V4.3.6.0
DataLoad V4.3.5.0
DataLoad V4.3.4.0
DataLoad V4.3.3.1
DataLoad V4.3.3.0
DataLoad V4.3.2.1
DataLoad V4.3.2.0
DataLoad V4.3.1.1

DataLoad Scripting V5.5.0.0
DataLoad Scripting V5.4.1.0
DataLoad Scripting V5.4.0.0
DataLoad Scripting V5.3.0.0
DataLoad Scripting V5.1.0.0
DataLoad Scripting V5.0.0.0